A quick video of our newest hand picked selection of fish in stock.  These fish are in quarantine until 9/15 during which time they will be medicated and acclimated to captivity.  You’ll see the water is tinted a bit yellow from the medication they are currently in (Nitrofurazone) and we will run them through treatments with 3 different medications over the 6 week quarantine period.

The fish include: Lieutenant Tennenti Tang, Four Eye Butterfly, Gold Spotted Rabbitfish, Emperor Angelfish, Threadfin Butterfly, Clown Tang, Six Bar Angel, Orange Tailed Puffer, Longnose Hawkfish and Powder Blue Tang.

These fish are only available to our aquarium service customers and carry with them a 30-day guarantee, which is a huge benefit of being an AQ customer.


New Fish – Ready 9/15/15

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