Aquarium Quest has the systems, services and support to bring the underwater world into your home or business.

Design: Healthy water quality and beautiful aquascaping are only two of the design elements that we included in a successful system. We design systems that are built for long-term environmental and ecological stability. Add to these the economic requirements for energy efficiency, ease-of-operation, efficient on-going maintenance, risk management, and anticipated replacement of worn or broken components.

We have the technical knowledge and practical experience to bring the system design into reality. The engineering is the selection and matching of all of the component parts and pieces to fit and operate in the available space. We engineer or re-engineer your existing aquarium system for proper water flow through all pumps, pipes, tanks and filters as well as for preparation of equipment maintenance and replacement.

Installation: We pay attention to both the details of operation and the details of appearance by connecting all components in a very neat and orderly manner. Usually the installations occur in phases to establish the proper biological conditioning of the filters and the display tank. We will maintain a neat and clean work site throughout the entire process and we will leave the project with a professional appearance each time we leave.

Troubleshooting: With a keen eye and a tremendous amount of patience we can identify and implement corrective action for a myriad of issues that surface over time.

We deliver a full line of aquarium equipment and supplies directly to our customers. We review the full spectrum of state-of-the-art products and technologies and bring forward the options to meet the needs of our clients. Our suppliers are recognized for their experience and quality products.  Our design and engineering skills ensure that all new equipment works well together and is easy to maintain.

Stocking: We provide quarantined fish, invertebrates and corals to our customers as we strive to deliver healthy and parasite free livestock to each system we maintain.  After hand selecting each individual, we quarantine them for a 6-8 week period before introducing them into their new homes. This process is more labor intensive but it delivers healthy, feeding, and acclimated livestock which minimizes losses for our clients.

Maintenance: Our team of specialists is well trained and professional in how they manage aquaria.  We work when it’s convenient for our customers and are very efficient and clean in our execution.

Consulting, training and troubleshooting:
Whether you already have an aquarium or you are planning a new startup, we can provide support to guide you through understanding the issues, options and recommended management of your aquarium. Water quality analysis and interpretation provides both an instantaneous and long-term window into the health of your system. Our keen observation and extensive experience with hundreds of systems helps us to identify and implement corrective action for a myriad of issues that surface over time. We can help you fine-tune the management of nutrition, overgrowth, environmental control and poor health. We can arm you with a remediation and renovation plan for your own use or if you chose we can execute it for you. Call us to schedule a system evaluation.

Relocation: Yes, we move tanks!

Emergency Response: We are here to respond to your repair and emergency needs on a 24-hour basis. We stock common replacement equipment and can provide temporary life-support until specific replacement parts can be installed. Should you experience a catastrophic event, we can transport your tank mates to our facility and manage the cleanup and claims operation.

Hospitalization: We can provide medical evaluation and treatment in your location or if need be we can transport your ill “patients” to our facility. When in doubt and for best results call us early, not late.