Aquarium Quest was founded in 2007 by Michael Miller and Byron Dyson.  Michael was the owner of an aquarium maintenance and installation business, Living Waters, that had been successful in the area for the previous 20 years.  Byron had a background in business management & operations as well as a passion for aquariums and art.  The partnership matched up well and Aquarium Quest was created with the goal of becoming the leading installation and maintenance company in the Tampa Bay Area.  The Company grew over the next decade, during a difficult economic time, by focusing on customer satisfaction and delivering consistent, high quality service along with clear and honest communication. 

In 2015, Michael retired but Byron continues to run the company along with Russell Vreeland (who has been with the Company since it’s inception) and a team of talented aquarists who make it all happen.  With a dedicated team of highly trained & passionate technicians, Aquarium Quest is focused on making dynamic, engaging aquatic displays that focus on the natural environment of the animals.  The company designs aquascapes to mimic what you would see in nature with both its freshwater and saltwater displays.  They believe this style is the most beautiful way to showcase the natural behavior of fish & invertebrates which is what brings each aquarium to life.  

 Aquarium Quest is located in Largo, but serves an area spanning from Tierre Verde at the Southern point of Pinellas County, North to New Port Richey and East to New Tampa and Brandon.