We hand selected a new supply of saltwater fish and corals today.  We have the luxury of having wholesalers around the Tampa Bay area within an hours drive of our facility and really like the ability to evaluate each animal personally.  It eats up a bunch of time and energy, but we believe it allows us to offer a higher quality product to our customers.  When you compound the fact that we quarantine and treat our fish for 6 weeks before selling them, it becomes a definite value-added benefit of being one of our customers.

Some of my favorites of the fish picked out; Filament Fin Wrasse, Bartlett’s Anthias, Powder Blue Tangs, Flame Angels and a Tennentti Tang.  Many of the corals are what we call “bread & butter” with Colored Zoanthids, Colt Corals, Star Polyps and Toadstool Leathers but there were a few gems with unique coloration as well; Acan Echinata, silver/blue Maze Brain and a yellow Devil’s Hand Leather.  The new fish will be ready for delivery approximately March 10th and the corals should be ready around February 10th.

We encourage our customers to come visit us at our shop on the corner of Belcher and Ulmerton in Largo.  Give us a call to set an appointment or make sure we’re there.  If you’re interested in anything in particular, just let us know and we’ll hold it for you or find it during our next selection trip.

New Fish & Corals

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